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Giovanni Losito - Fondatore e grande viticoltore

Giovanni Losito – Fondatore e grande viticoltore

Our company was established in Apulia in 1950 by a vine grower, Giovanni Losito. He was born in Rutigliano, province of Bari, a little town with an ancient vine growing tradition.
Because of his passion for this work, when he got back from the Second World War he planted vineyards in various areas of Apulia; in 1960 he finally chose to settle in Terre del Gargano (Gargano Lands), northern Apulia, the better suited area to develop this activity. Over the next thirty years, Giovanni cultivated vineyards with Tendone systems, with the aim to improve his technique more and more to get perfect grapes, and succeeded.


Leonardo Losito

Giovanni had a son in 1959, Leonardo. He inherited his father’s experience by working with him side-by-side since he was a boy, then he took a step further by getting a degree in oenology (wine making). When he grow older and acquired enough experience, Leonardo decided to give a twist to the company. The northern Puglia, given the favorable conditions, was characteristic for the high production per hectare of table grapes and wine grapes, at the expense of quality. Leonardo decided to go against the tide, focusing only on the quality of wine grapes, dramatically reducing yields and modernizing the vine training systems. Giovanni did not agree, it looked like a crazy thing to give up the high yields, especially in an infamous territory and without a winery, but Leonardo wanted to believe in it with all his heart.

terre-gargano-pFaced with the stubbornness of Leonardo, Giovanni decided to give him trust after a while, helping him in 1989 with the conversion of their vineyards. Together they replaced the tendone vineyards, that had common grape varieties, with rows of spur pruned cordon vines and excellent local wine grape varieties; then, in 1994, they built the first winery. These two dates are important also because they coincide with the birth of Leonardo’s children, Giovanni and Lia respectively.

In 1997, Leonardo gave another twist to the company, making a courageous choice, driven by his sensitiveness: convert their vineyards to the organic farming principles in order to obtain healthier grapes and wines, decades before the public was aware on this topic. For 20 years Leonardo has produced high-quality wines, selling them in bulk to other wineries. In 2010 he decided to bottle a selection of his wines and made them know to the international markets. Given the appreciation achieved, he became convinced that he needed a new winery to raise awareness about the fruits of his labor.



With great sacrifices, in 2012 Leonardo opened a new winery, which has a modern style and it’s surrounded by Losito’s vineyards. The winery was inaugurated with Leonardo’s son, Giovanni, who in the meantime had completed his studies in oenology to continue the family tradition and passion. Today Giovanni’s father and grandfather work with him to pass on the experience of over 65 years in the industry; he is making his contribution with fresh skills, continuous research, experimentation and awareness to the new dynamics of the industry. Finally in 2015 the Cantine Losito show themselves directly to consumers with their first bottles produced and packaged entirely by the grandfather, father and son in the new winery.

Our vineyards are located in the countryside of Foggia: they have an extension of 40 hectares (100 acres) conducted in certified organic farming. They surround the new built winery, which has a small forest of pine and cypress trees that give the winery the characters of naturalness, attention to environment and culture of the pleasure of wine tourists.


cantine-lositoOur brand logo contains characteristics, feelings and messages which we want to convey about our activities.

It depicts the view of the Terre del Gargano that can be seen from our vineyards. On the top there is the profile of the mountains of the Gargano, but it could also recall a sea wave on the beach, demonstrating the varied territory that influence our grapes; in the remaining body of the logo there is the healthy and fertile soil cut by our vineyards, the result of more than half a century of the Losito’s family work.

The shape of the logo also looks like a glass of wine, to symbolize our commitment to put these elements in each glass; Finally, its shape reminds a shield, to ensure that everything will become a stronghold for the Losito family and its future generations.

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