cantina-vignetiThe winery is surrounded by our vineyards, an ideal condition that allows us to press the grapes immediately, without them having to endure for long journeys.
This undoubtedly preserves the quality of the perfumes that would otherwise easily disappear due to oxidation and high temperatures that usually occur during the harvest period.
To preserve the perfumes obtained in the vineyard, our winery is equipped with a capillary cooling system in order to control the temperature of each step of the process, from the grape crushing to wine aging.

The vinification is followed entirely and personally by Leonardo Losito and his son Giovanni, both graduated in oenology, so they can end their wine project that began in the vineyard.

The fermentation and aging are performed according to the protocols of organic wine, by preferring the physical methods rather than the chemical ones. This includes the use of cold or flotation to get clean and clear musts and the use of filtration to obtain brilliant wines; we also use healthy patience to wait for the completion of the natural biological and chemical processes that take place in the wine.

The grapes are harvested by a modern harvester that allows us to collect only clean and healthy grapes, helping us a lot in the production of organic wines. This is done by a very short, sinuous and firm shaking of the vine, without ruining it: this makes only the grape berries fall into a bin; those not good remain attached to the rachis, which in turn remains on the vine. The harvester has a system of additional cleaning and leaf removal of the harvested grapes, expelling any vegetal impurities. In this way we collect only perfect and clean grape berries, allowing us to cut down the use of sulfites. The absence of leaves and rachides prevents the presence in our wines of the so-called “green tannins” that cause astringency and earth flavors.

Cleaning and selection of healthy grapes, protocols of organic wine and personal winemaking. Our wine is a neverending project that starts in the Losito’s family vineyards from the “Terre del Gargano”.

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