falanghina bio puglia


Certificates: Organic wine, vegan (no animal clarifiers used)
Appellation: IGP Puglia
Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: Falanghina
Fermentation duration: 30 days at 16°C
Aging: On its own yeasts (sur lies), bottle
Alcohol: 12,00 % vol
Tasting notes: Golden yellow colour;
Having been grown in the warm climate of the Puglia region, this wine has acquired hints of banana , pear and acacia flowers , while the aging on its own yeasts gave aromas of bread crust and an elegant and complex palate.
Food pairing: Veggie risotto , fish carpaccio and fresh cheese.


Product Description

Puglia P.G.I.

(Protected Geographical Indication)

The sea and the mountains of the Terre del Gargano characterize the organic vineyards grown by the Losito family for three generations.

Of Greek origins, Falanghina arrived in Italy through the landings of the Greeks on the shores of the Gargano, then it spread and affirmed in Campania region too.
It excellently expresses its potential in northern Puglia thanks to the pedoclimatic conditions favorable to its nature.
The wine produced from it is historically used in symposia paired with fish and white meats. It produces wines suitable for all meals.



Territory: Terre del Gargano (Gargano Lands)
Farming: Organic
Fertilization: Marc and broad bean plants
Pruning: Spur pruned cordon
Plant density: 4000 plants/hectare
Yield: 10 T/hectare
Soil: Clayey
Harvest period: Mid September