6 of 7: Cabernet Sauvignon – #7wines7days


Born in the French region of Bordeaux, the Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most popular red wine along with Merlot, with which it is often blended. The wines resulting from it are fine, sumptuous, born to grow old with elegance and defy the years, suitable for more experienced palates. In our region, Puglia, is not widespread, but we wanted to believe in it because we like it a lot, hoping to share with you the particular sensory experience that this wine can offer. The nose shows notes of blueberries, black currants and blackberries that intertwine with alpine herbs and graphite. We aged it for six months in French oak, so acquired notes of tobacco, cocoa and vanilla, going on to complex aromas. For its structure, we recommend it with fatty meats and dishes with truffles. Vinification details here

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