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Falesia - moscato puglia

#‎7vini7giorni‬ 3 di 7: FALESIA – The Falesia is a rocky coastline with cliffs, whose beauty and grandeur inspired Impressionist painters and international musicians. We were inspired by the Falesia of the Terre del Gargano, Apulia, characterized by sinuous horizontal lines and the contact with the sea. The inspiration has led to this label, in which a portion of sea and rock is drawn on the bottle, symbolizing the minerality and the fragrances present in our wines. The organic wine contained in it comes from Moscato (Muscat) grapes, fermented completely to give a dry, fresh and summer wine, suitable for fish appetizers by the sea. There are distinctly recognizable scents of grape, peach, orange blossom and rose petals. Find out more here

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